Expert Cookie Taster #1

In my quest to make the world’s best gluten free chocolate chip cookie, I decided the place to start was with becoming a gluten free cookie tester. There are definitely worse things in life than being forced to eat cookies for research. So far research has been going well.

I want to occassionally highlight and critique some good options I’ve found for gluten free cookies, and here is my first test cookie.




Gluten Free Taste Tester #1: Mom’s Munchies

Admittedly I have never tried a hemp cookie before and have nothing to compare it to. Looking at the ingredients, two things stuck out to me: aluminum-free baking soda and the 99% unsweetened dark chocolate. I just recently made the switch to aluminum free baking powder, but still don’t really know the implications of this. I’ll probably blog about it soon. But the chocolate caught my eye because my goal is to start making my own chocolate chips very soon. The convenience of baking chips is undeniable, but getting really “healthy ones” is difficult and expensive. It looks like Mom uses raw organic blue agave, which is neat. And instead of chocolate chips, she created almond sea salt chunks! How unique!

So honestly, I liked these. It’s hard to find a chocolate chip cookie I don’t like (unless you put raisins in it). I didn’t really notice anything different tasting about the chunks though. My biggest thing I like in CCC (let’s use CCC for chocolate chip cookies) is some thickness. These were not thick, maybe due to packaging restrictions? Having never baked with hemp seeds I’m not sure if this causes a limitation as well.

Overall I was happy with the cookie, but it didn’t satisfy my urge for a CCC, because the texture was pretty unique. Thanks, Mom, for the the snack though! These can be found at Soergel Orchard’s gluten free shop (one of my favorite local shops) or of course on Mom’s Muchies website.

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