Beach Baking

This week my family took a vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Seeing as I still work a full time job and don’t get a ton of time to bake for fun, I brought my almond flour and doughnut pan with me on the trip, just in case I got a moment of delicious inspiration.

A moment is sometimes hard to come by on these vacations as it is typical for us to squeeze a run, tennis, swimming, kayaking, biking, and golf in… Likely all in one day. But fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we had some various rain and high winds, caused by a hurricane hitting Florida, sending tropical storms our way.

So, I got a chance to bake 3 times! (Four if you count the savory beet pesto pizza with goat cheese, pictured below in my mouth!)

First, in honor or my mother’s birthday we had a fresh batch of my Signature Chocolate chip cookies. These did not last long, mostly thanks to my dad who could out eat anyone in a chocolate chip cookie eating contest. Second, as I mentioned, I had my doughnut pan with me, so I made an experimental batch of chocolate glazed coconut flour doughnuts. Honestly, these tasted like the traditional Enteman’s doughnuts I used to devour, but healthier. 🙂

Third, I made another batch of chocolate chip cookies, but used organic raw honey for half the sweetener (out of necessity). Surprisingly this gave the cookie a very different taste and crispped much quicker. Not specifically going to alter any recipes in the future on account of this experiment, but these cookies didn’t last long either.

Also, fixed up my website a bit, adding prices and explanations to my top 3 cookie options in response to all the excitement and inquiries I’ve been getting lately. More to come on the website, so stay tuned!

Lastly, the winner of last month’s cookie giveaway is………

Lori! I’ll be in touch with your cookie details. Thanks to everyone who followed, commented, and liked my content. Please keep sharing the gluten-freedom with your friends and loved one’s to help Baked True North grow!

Stay delicious,

Lauren Marts

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  1. Gretchen

    this is great news, as many in my family need to be gluten-free, and i don’t like to make it all myself. the closest gf bakery i’ve heard of is in Squirrel Hill and super pricey. may i suggest: don’t get a store front, because then already expensive stuff gets completely out of reach for average customer. or give baking lessons/ recipes (for a price, of course). thanks for being there, best wishes on your venture.

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