Expert Cookie Taster #4

This week I am going to feature and review two cookie brands since I haven’t done a review in a while. Also they are both going to have a chocolate cookie base. In my opinion I don’t prefer this type, but in their defense, they are significantly different cookies. Sometimes I crave a chocolate cookie over a traditional chocolate chip cookie (CCC, or triple C as I call it), and that is just a different craving. But I digress…

Number 1, Gluuteny Bakery’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. I believe I purchased both this and #2 at Soergels where I usually do my specialty shopping.

First of all, I love Gluuteny. I lived in Squirrel Hill for 2 years after college. During this time I met my husband, Nick, and subsequently was prompted to consider a gluten-free diet. Gluuteny Bakery on Murray Ave was a nice introduction for me into what gluten-free food could be (like, not gross and lifeless)!

The Double Chocolate Chip cookie was thick (a must), very chocolatey and not too dry. The size was good, big and filling. The flours used aren’t my favorite anymore (rice, corn, potato, tapioca), but they do provide a very “normal” texture.

Number 2, Nana’s No Gluten Chocolate Cookie. This isn’t actually a chocolate CHIP cookie, as it had no chips. The chips would have helped. I do like the fact that it has no refined sugar and I’m guessing the fruit juice helped it to be decently moist, although my thoughts on fruit juice are still being developed. The flours are similar (rice & tapioca), but the cookie was not as thick and slightly softer (not as sturdy). Size was similar and filled me up… But didn’t fill my CCC craving.

My overall opinion is, Gluuteny Bakery did a great job on taste and I love those chocolate chips. Health content aside, because they weren’t different enough, Gluuteny wins!

Stay delicious,


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