Community of Educated Eaters

One of my personal goals as a business owner, beyond bringing you delicious gluten-free goodies for purchase, is to build community. That is something personally I have desired for years, but has become part of my Baked True North vision now…

To create a community of educated eaters.

So, I am embarking on a new side of my blogger-hood and business ownership… A YouTube channel! It is all just a lot of fun, in effort to bring the local gluten-free community together. It is not an opinion video, not of me telling you what I think… But rather sharing experiences of others in order to learn and come together. And as a brain-child, it was born…
Baked True North’s Gluten Free-Way: a “carpool karaoke” type interview with the gluten-free community.

Gluten Free-Way YouTube Channel – Episode 1

So check out the link above… It is the very special of all guests to kick off the channel. The one, the only…

Nicholas Donald Marts!

That’s my husband! So, please enjoy the show and share with your friends! Also, if you have any specific questions for Nick or questions you’d like to hear me ask future guests, comment on this post!

Have a cookie,

Lauren Marts

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