Bellevue Farmers Market

Last night was a lot of fun at the Bellevue Farmers Market! I was set up at 3pm and it was 93 degrees and it didn’t go down more than 4 degrees the whole 4 hours, but somehow I managed to stay pretty cool.
I made these cute unicorn cookies for the kids and had a lot of fun with them! I just about sold out of orange chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars, but everything else did well too! The doughnuts and lemon bars seemed to be the favorites over all! 

I am hoping to be able to do the market again and when I do, I will be sure to have a vegan option and hopefully a bread of some kind, maybe a biscuit, soft pretzel, or something less sweet. Thanks to everyone for the support and for coming out and making the market successful. If you have thoughts on something you’d like to see, comment below!

I got a copy of Brad Yoder‘s album who graciously serenaded us last night. He was so much fun to be able to sit and enjoy between customers.

Some other goodies I got last night included delicious sparkling cold brew from De Fer Coffee & Tea and some beautiful wild flowers from Old Time Farm. I love the people that run the market, I loved meeting the vendors and I love being in the community. These are my people. 

Okay, well this is a quick one… Just an update! I’ll let you all know when I’m headed back, but in the meantime support the market (or your local farmers market)!

Have a cookie!


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