A discovery about women

Last night I went to a seminar put on by Beth Caldwell and her organization called Pittsburgh Professional Women. I learned some good tips for getting my business to look more professional, but most of all I met some lovely women. I stayed almost an hour after the event was over because I was meeting a new friend and catching up with an old friend. 

I can’t speak for all women, or even all the women at the event, but I loved it. Not all networking events/seminars have that positive vibe about them, but this did. I found myself thinking as I drove home… “How can I do THIS for my life!?” How can I meet and talk with other positive people all day and call it productive (or ‘salable’ even)? 

Now, the next thought may be generalizing, but I have to document it and I ask for feedback from friends and critics… 

Women love that atmosphere! Either because we have further to fight or because we are wired to want it, women’s groups are everywhere… Not men’s. We all seem to crave that community, place for shared growth, encouraging atmosphere. 

I think about what I imagine life would be like for a women not so long ago. Knitting groups, prayer meetings, play dates… Because most women didn’t work. Now we have begun to be the group most active in entering the entrepreneurship realm. Could that be because we want to create those supportive networking atmospheres again? Maybe the working world (employee world) isn’t how we operate as women? 

Like I said… Broad generalizations about things I have been feeling recently and just sorting through. If you have continued reading this far, I urge you to comment and just give me your perspective in a sentence or two to help me align. One thing I got out of the seminar last night was the encouragement to keep moving (and blogging) even if I don’t have all my ducks in a row (or haven’t planned the chickpea flour article at all). 

Thanks for keeping up with me here. I appreciate you all as part of my network.

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