Hello Everyone!

Happy 2018 and Happy February! I am pretty excited about this month because we have made it through the month of January where we all are recovering from overeating during the holidays. Personally, I did a sugar detox (The 21 Day Sugar Detox, by Diane Sanfilippo), and now I can’t think of anything except brownies.

February is a real month of celebration for us. First is my dad’s birthday, then Galentine’s day, Valentine’s Day, and lastly my beloved husband’s birthday, amidst other close friend’s birthdays mixed in as well. We don’t actively celebrate all of those, just so you know. This is in fact the first year I have been invited to a Galentine’s party and was not aware of its origins. We usually bypass Valentine’s Day as well due to the fact that my dad’s birthday ALWAYS includes a large amount of chocolate intake. And my husband may be one of the healthiest people I know. Last year I made him a low carb pistachio cream cake, which was a real smash hit.

So this year, Nick has requested a RED velvet cake for his 30th birthday. RED and RED velvet have been on my mind for Valentine’s Day anyway… so I am excited to get into the RED AND PINK BAKING SPIRIT!

Valentine’s Day Doughnuts

Last year for Valentine’s Day I made my coconut cake doughnuts with white chocolate frosting instead of dark chocolate frosting, and then dipped then in PINK glitter! So I am already thinking of a new fun doughnut recipe that may have some PINK-ish foods in the batter… which that description sounded more appealing in my mind. But you’ll just have to wait and see!!!!!

While you’re waiting for that reveal… here is a list of fun RED AND PINK options I’m promoting for February:

  • RED velvet cake pops

  • RED velvet cupcakes with strawberry, raspberry or cherry frosting!!!

  • RASPBERRY lemon scones

  • PINK lemonade bars

  • …and 2 more fun things coming hopefully!

Order anytime in February (any order at all) and you’ll get one free RED velvet cupcake for every $20 you spend.

Until then, have a cookie!


(sneak peek at some Valentine’s cookies in the making…)

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  1. Lori Schmidt

    Red velvet is my favorite!! Do you have a dozen yummy cookies I could get tomorrow? Sorry for last minute, I just thought of having some for a weekend at Seven Springs! 🙂

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