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Hello everyone!

It has been far too long since I blogged based on the amount of travel and BAKING I have been doing this spring and summer! But life has taken a different turn for Baked True North!

I recently posted the following picture on social media letting people know we’re closed in August 2018.

I was really nervous about closing down, but it had to be done for many reasons. So far I have received a lot of positive support and I just knew I loved my GF community and my Bellevue/Pittsburgh community for a reason! One reason we had to close temporarily… full disclosure here… is because it has become apparent that we didn’t have all our ducks in a row with county requirements for our kitchen. This process is confusing and not for the fair-weather bakers. But I’m determined to cross every T to get this kitchen situation fixed and back opened! Another reason it made sense to close is the amount of work it takes to get a kitchen up and running doesn’t allow much time to bake!

One thing that picture above is NOT implying is pregnancy. Haha. “Things in the oven” I realize is an idiom for babies… but remember people, I’m a baker! There are physically ovens and edible things that get baked… and I am reclaiming the phrase for my bakery. But thank you to all the lovely people that checked in on that front!

Okay, on to the point of this post… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! And praise God, it has two kitchens! (I don’t want to understate how long it took to find a house with two kitchens or the hard work our lovely realtors at Piatt Sotheby’s put in to find this place… so don’t read that as us just stumbling upon a diamond in the rough. Totally a God-thing.)

So we are launching “Sweet Fix” blog/vlog series on how we fix up our new house to support my growing and exciting gluten free baking company! We will probably be showing you lots of what not to dos. Definitely will show you some kitchen deconstruction, planning, and reconstruction. Hopefully we will be showing you how two people in love, who have no experience with house renovation, stumble through everything from the “what on earth is that!?”s, to the “wow, we actually can figure it out!?”s… and everything in between. Nick will be taking the mic here as well as chief renovation officer of our family, so look out here for his awesome content!

If you are still reading this far into the post then I think it’s fair to say you probably like us or are interested in this effort… or both. So leave us a comment below telling us: 1) what you’re looking forward to seeing from Sweet Fix, 2) a house/kitchen renovation nightmare you experienced, 3) practical advice for first time renovations, or 4) whatever comes to mind because you are a verbal processor like me.

Thanks again for your support and we truly love you all.

Have a cookie!


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