Before the Fixer Upper was Sweet

Here is where it’s all beginning! Here is the state of the home that we purchased in order to set it up as a half livable home and half commercial business space!!!! There was not much cute and vintage/Victorian left in this pre-1900 home because somewhere along the line it was “updated.” But I need to be gentle in my criticism because the only reason I prefer 1950s vintage to 1980s/1990s… is because I do. But that’s that.





Those are the pictures of the downstairs kitchen. It’s almost sad looking back at these because (spoiler, we’ve already demolished) the kitchen looks pretty good in this picture. Decent. But I keep reminding myself that it will be great when it’s done. This kitchen was not original to the house, but an addition when the original kitchen was later turned into a bedroom. It’s pretty small, but we are expanding it into the bedroom, so it will still be perfectly functional as the hot baking space for all my SWEETNESSES.

This other space is harder to show because it’s empty, but it will soon be the cold/prep room right around the corner from the hot baking room. A very nice room actually. It was truly too bad I had distinctly other plans for it because it would have been one of the few rooms that didn’t need much changed… so we decided to change everything. Naturally.

So there you have the original home with no changes done and lots of plans brewing and baking in my hypothetical oven. Stay tuned for the next round of pictured featuring what inevitably ensued after tools were dropped off…

Thanks again for your support during our journey and we truly love you all.

Have a cookie!


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And… here’s the link to the first post explaining Sweet Fix.

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