Sweet Fix Demolition #1

The first day we started tearing the wall down in the kitchen we could see there were layers of wallpaper behind the newest wall… and that was my favorite part!!!!!!!! We wish we could have left them there… or left some semblance of the paper there, but unfortunately we knew the walls had to come down and all the wallpaper with it.

The first layer of particle board over top of drywall was removed by Nick with only a hammer. Then after removing some wallpaper with an x-acto knife, we took down the second drywall with a crowbar and a flat bar. That was a lot of fun.

The first section that was exposed happen to have a little gem inside it!!! There were three recipes folded nicely and tucked into the wall. Two were for donuts! We decided it was a blessing on our new bakery efforts!

Here are some additional pictures of the walls after we got more of that awesome wallpaper exposed.

Thankfully I managed to salvage a bit of it and hopefully will be able to frame and preserve it, along with the recipes.

A lot more work has been done in other areas of the house as we are completely gutting four rooms and redoing the flooring on at least another two. Other side projects have also been inching there way onto the agenda, like opening up the entryway/hallway, refinishing the upstairs bear-claw tub (see picture below!!), and putting a laundry on the second floor. Not to mention the foundation reinforcement and radon remediation projects that the previous owner is paying to have done. Yup. We definitely found a real diamond in the rough… just more rough than shiny at this point.

Thanks again for your support during our journey and we truly love you all.

Have a cookie!


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And… here’s the link to the post explaining Sweet Fix and some before pictures at Before the Fixer Upper was Sweet.


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