Sweet Fix Demolition #2

Here is a nice picture book of the next phase of demolition.

3 layers of wallpaper and 2 layers of paint removed from the master bedroom walls.

The upstairs kitchen demo, including the half torn-up wall and the hole in the back corner of the floor. All the carpet was cut and torn out of this room becasue… you just can’t have carpet in a kitchen (in my opinion).

An old letter that was found in the upstairs kitchen… addressed to “pupils” from the “Elementary Supervisor” regarding “Walt Disney Shows” in 1964!

Dad removing the appliances and the last of the tile flooring from the downstairs kitchen. Thankfully both of the appliances are in good shape and we’ll put them upstairs.

This is the old sink from upstairs kitchen that I plan on having refinished and reinstalled with new cabinets in the upstairs kitchen.

Unfortunately the metal cabinets attached to the old sink were rusted through, but I removed the hardware which I plan to clean up and reinstall on the new piece we get for the sink to sit on. #whyiseverythingpaintedwhite

Just a shot of someone’s signature of the drywall before we ripped the final bit of wall out of the downstairs kitchen. “Dick Mitchel

Back upstairs we are pulling the plaster down and getting all this lath exposed. (Lath is apparently the horizontal wood behind plaster nailed into the wall studs. I didn’t really realize it had to come down… or what the phrase “down to the studs” meant.)

Thanks again for your support during our journey and we truly love you all.

Have a cookie!


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And… here’s the link to the post explaining Sweet Fix, some before pictures at Before the Fixer Upper was Sweet, and the first set of demolition pictures.

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