Sweet Fix – Nick Edition

Ladies and Gents,

The demolition could last for months!! We’ve begun to learn this. Thank goodness we decided to work on specific projects that’ll allow us to move in before we take on the rest of the house. There’s also that thing called a “budget” that I need to remember when we go to Home Depot or Harbor Freight (muwhaha).

As of today we have made some great progress on the first floor kitchen setup, second floor kitchen, and master bedroom. Not to mention the hallway. We are most likely going to sand and re-finish the hardwood floors. They are way too nice to cover back up. Here’s a sneak peak.


On a future post Lauren and I will take a nice picture after we clean up some of the dust that engulfs our rooms right now.

This past weekend we removed more lath and plaster. It’s one of the messiest and sweatiest activities……ever. Here are some after pictures.

The next 3 pictures were a wall we took down that used to have a dumbwaiter in it! Very cool.


3 of the master bedroom

This is the un-insulated ceiling after we took off the plaster and lath.

Exterior wall


Interior wall with lots of fun knob and tube wiring


Next, we are going to go clean the rooms up and what’s left of the plaster and lath. Then I’ll begin working on the newly exposed fireplace.


Yep! We exposed the fireplacec that is in both the second floor kitchen and master bedroom. Stay tuned!




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