Sweet Fix – Starting to Make it pretty!…..Maybe?

Today I (Nick) started off with a grand plan of getting the fireplace ready to seal. However, I purchased the incorrect attachment for the grinder. No problem! There is plenty else to do. The second floor kitchen needed the second layer (yes, second) torn up. Carpet, padding/linoleum, then the third layer is just what’s stuck to the wood. See a picture!

If anyone knows how to get this linoleum/glue mixture off the floor please let me know.

Since I didn’t have the correct tool for the fireplace I still tried to make some progress with a hand wire brush……not a great idea. I went back to Harbor Freight and they gladly helped me get the correct tools I need to start on the fireplace next time.

Here is the progress with the hand tool. Look at the center bricks. That is the result of about 30-40 minute of using a wire brush. Angle grinder with wire attachment next time? Yes.

Also! Inside the fireplace I noticed that the “floor” of it was just a layer of what seemed to be left over plaster. I took it out to expose a neat pattern of stone. See here.

There was a 3-4 inch layer of what seemed to be plaster laying at the bottom of this fireplace. Why did they do it?!

Next time, the plan is to properly begin cleaning up with bricks with the grinder and wire brush attachment.

See you then!

– Nick

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And… here’s the link to the post explaining Sweet Fix, some before pictures at Before the Fixer Upper was Sweet, the first set and second set of demolition pictures, and Nick’s first play by play.

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