Autumn, Color, and Life

Photo cred: Letterfolk

I am taking a quick break from our #sweetfixwithlaurenandnick series and doing a bit of a personal post. We are done with demo at the house and starting to reconstruct. We finished the fireplaces, painted 2 rooms and started to construct a wall. We feel overwhelmed regularly by what we got ourselves into and how inadequate we feel… but we just keep moving along because we hope to move in at the end of the month! Even if only 2 rooms in the whole house work.

Something I have been working through in my business while I am largely not baking is my company vision. I put together a vision, mission, goals, and plan at the beginning of 2017. But as any good business and business plan, they grow and flex with you as you discover who you are, as a business owner, and what you want your business to be. Something I discovered when I was doing some Instagram planning was my need for color. I discovered how color makes me feel and how it represents joy, life, happiness, fullness, and laughter. I discovered how much I want those things to be a part of my brand and the aura around my company. I had never thought about how images and color specifically communicate your vision. But now I am spending a lot of time thinking about it! (Mostly when I want to stop thinking about how much it will cost to turn a hallway closet into a laundry room…)

I have always felt that autumn has or should have a slowed down pace to it. Summer is just full of projects and get togethers and trips and excitement. Winter is so holiday centric at the beginning and then at our house January is a planning month, February is full of birthdays and then we’re almost into spring and more excitement. But when fall comes I think we’re all tired and the best thing in the world sounds like warm drinks and long drives to see the foliage. Color, movement, warmth, and company (some of the pillars of my life) all mascarading as peaceful.

But this autumn has already started with a different flavor. Lots of personal things have been changing for us in addition to all the changes in our house and business. But through everything we are just driving hard to finish enough so we can reopen this fall. I don’t know if we’ve ever had such a clear driving force in our adult lives. Autumn needs to be rebirth for us even as the earth is dying and getting ready to hibernate. We need to be having a personal springtime!

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