About Us

Lauren and Nick in BTN Uniform

2011 – Lauren and Nick got engaged and Nick started developing an obvious gluten-sensitivity.

Our first time trying a gluten-free cake…

2014 – Lauren goes gluten-free to support Nick and starts trying her hand at gluten-free baking.

2015 – Lauren accidentally reintroduces gluten in a supplement and realizes she is gluten-sentitive as well!

2016 – Lauren finally lands on a chocolate chip gluten-free cookie that is honestly amazing. It’s her favorite food, so she decides to try and build a whole business around this cookie.

My first sales at the Bellevue Flea Market

2018 – After building up the business to be much more than just cookies, Nick and Lauren bought a house in Bellevue and built a gluten-free commercial kitchen behind it!

One side of the new kitchen!