FAQ Gluten Free!?

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Welcome to the Fluffy Alpaca Quiz! Wait… did you think FAQ stood for something else? Then I guess you’re in the majority. And you’re right.

  • What is gluten?
  • Why is gluten bad for people?
  • Is gluten bad for all people?
  • What has gluten in it?
  • Are gluten and wheat the same thing?
  • Why do items that I thought were naturally gluten-free have that “Gluten Free” stamp on them now?
  • What is Celiac Disease?
  • Can you heal/is there a cure from Celiac Disease?
  • What are the symptoms of Celiac Disease?
  • What is the difference between gluten intolerant and Celiac Disease?
  • Is eating gluten free considered healthy?
  • Can my kids eat gluten-free too?
  • What are your favorite gluten-free brands?
  • Do you have to worry about gluten in skin care or cleaning products?