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COOKIES (Pricing may vary for dairy free and sugar-free options)

  • $4 / large cookie
    • BULK DISCOUNT: $36 / dozen large cookies
  • $24/ dozen medium cookies
  • $18/ dozen small cookies

Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie: These are huge, delicious, and my unarguable favorite. Packed with various gluten-free flours and nut butters (for an awesome almost peanut butter cup experience), these can be made dairy free as well. Most of my cookies do contain nuts, but can be made peanut free.

Snicker-doodle cookie: Simple, perfect cinnamon sugar cookie. These are not available in sugar-free.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie: These have the same cookie base as my chocolate chip cookies, with the salivary magic of macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips. These are not available in sugar-free.

The German Chocolate cookie: Inspired by my post about German Chocolate Cake, these cookies are loaded with pecans, coconut, and dark chocolate.

Signature Raisin cookie

White Chocolate Cranberry cookie These are not available in sugar-free.

Orange Chocolate Chip cookie: As good as the Signature Chocolate Chip, but with enough orange zest to make you NEVER want to put it down. (Kinda reminds me of one of those delicious “wack-a-orange” chocolates… or an orange MILANO® cookie.) These are not available in sugar-free.

Salt & Pepper Chocolate cookie: deliciously rich chocolate cookie with just a hint of spice and salted on top for perfection.  Don’t overthink it. We S&P everything else!

Salted English Toffee cookie: homemade English toffee broken up into the delicious standard cookie batter and salted. Can be ordered with or without chocolate pieces included. These are not available in sugar-free.

Buckwheat Mocha Protein cookie (special pricing may apply)



Pumpkin Walnut Waffle cookie: A pumpkin spice batter filled with walnuts and looks like a waffle but is sweet like a cookie!

  • $6 / dozen
  • NEW Paleo option: $12 / dozen

Velvet Cake Truffles (sticks for cake pops included upon request): Red velvet or chocolate available – $10/dozen or $1/each

Lemon (or Lime) Bars: $14/dozen or $2/each

Raspberry shortbread cookies: $14/dozen or $2/each

Peanut Butter Kiss cookies: $14/dozen or $2/each

Ginger Snap cookies: Can be plain or half-dipped in white chocolate. $18/dozen or $2/each




Coconut Cake Doughnuts: Packed with protein and almost no refined sugar, these coconut flour cake doughnuts are dipped in dark chocolate and taste just like a doughnut should.

  • $12 / dozen




NEWApple Cider: Made with apple cider and apple chunks. Perfect new fall bread.

Coffee Flour Coffee Cake: A caffeine packed bread with a rich coffee taste and a coffee cake crumble on top.

Cocoa Spiced Wine: Dark chocolate bread with a smooth red wine taste and a hint of autumn spices. Our flagship Yum Bread, perfect for any GIRL’s NIGHT!

VEGAN Pistachio Green Tea: Perfect for Spring and St. Patty’s day, this light green base packed with green tea (caffeine-free) and sprinkled with pistachio crumbles is light and delicious. (Also available in mini-muffins.)

  • $6 / mini loaf
  • $15 / large loaf




frosting options can be switched, below are flavor suggestions

White cake: clean and simple white vanilla cake with buttercream frosting (vanilla or chocolate butter cream frosting)

Chocolate grain-free cake: rich chocolate cake with optional buttercream flavor frosting (vanilla, peanut butter, or chocolate butter cream frosting)

Red Velvet cake: perfect velvety cake

Pumpkin cake: spiced pumpkin cake with optional buttercream flavor frosting (vanilla, maple, or chocolate butter cream frosting)

German chocolate cake: dark chocolate cake with creamy German frosting (caramely-pecan/coconut filling) in between layers and surrounded by a milk chocolate frosting for a sweet finish.

  • $40 / 3-layer, 9- in round


Holiday Pumpkin Rolls….. $10/each