Special Holiday Options

Here are the December 2020 options!
Holiday Brunch Box – $35
(Includes: 6 English muffins, 2 maple pecan scones, 4 chocolate chip scones, 2 cinnamon rolls)
Holiday Cookie Boxes (1 dz each) – $20
(MAY Include: white chocolate gingersnaps, pumpkin waffle cookies, chocolate peanut butter kiss cookies, decorated sugar cookies, Signature cookies in Holiday flavors)

Wreath Cookie Cake – $22

Chocolate peppermint cookies $20/dz

Chocolate chip sprinkle gobs – $5/each

Gingerbread Loaves (mini) – $8

Spiced Gingerbread yum-bread with a packet of cream cheese glaze that can be sliced into 6 slices for sharing (or devoured by one 😁)

Pick up will be December 23rd… again at Aurochs Brewery, from 4-7pm.

We will be closed December 24th through Jan. 2.
You can order here. All orders must be in no later than Monday, December 14!

Order here.