Green Baking… eggs, but no ham.

Half of this post is an exciting science mistake/discovery and half of this post is a promotional product pitch.

It all started with an order.  For me it usually does. I may have launched my business on the fact that I make darn good gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, but I have since realized  that most of the time people order bakes goods, they are looking for something special.  Chocolate chip cookie are a regular delivery for me to Good L’Oven, but this particular week they asked for half of the order to be Snicker-doodles.

For those who don’t know, snicker-doodles are cinnamon sugar cookies. So, I knew my usually cookie dough base, boasting a peanut buttery taste, was going to be too strong for this cookie.  I do love baking with butters though. Nut butters are a staple for my cookies.  So in the quest to find a more mild flavor that wouldn’t drown the cinnamon, I got some sunflower butter to experiment with. Sunflower butter is just like a peanut butter, but is not as strongly flavored.

So, after I whipped up a batch with the sunflower butter, I split one in half for Nick and I to try, and you wouldn’t believe what I saw…


The middle of the cookie was bright GREEN.

At first I panicked… and I was trying to remember from high school chemistry if it was possible that my blender and metal bowl had caused some chemical reaction with an ingredient. So what other choice did I have but to go to Google. I searched “why is the middle of my cookie green?!!” For some reason I was sure Google would know and this time I was not let down.

Apparently, I was on to something with my limited chemistry memory, but it was the sunflower seed butter and the baking soda! The chlorophyll in the sunflower seeds reacts with the baking soda when I baked it, causing the green color to appear in the middle when the cookies cooled. Thankfully the cookies were edible! And we sure did eat them up. So, I gave one to my trusty, foodie, health friend Meredith to test and make sure she survived. She did. I however did change the recipe before delivering said baked goods to my customer. (phew!)


(side note that I bragged to my best friend and high school chemistry lab partner about my discovery… and we determined that this was more than we may have ever learned in high school…)

Now I promised there would be another part of this post that is more promotional product pitch… Green Tea Mini Muffins! I recently received an order for a few batches of green mini muffins for St. Patty’s day.


So here they are… green tea mini muffins! They have a light green color, so I left some plain, some with crushed pistachios and some with mini chocolate chips. Great morning treat for the breakfast event and so cute too! I might try to make them a touch greener, but I am very happy with them and they are now available for order!

  • $6/dozen for the plain minis
  • $7/dozen for either of the toppings

Let me know if you want to order these for your St. Patty’s get-togethers by shooting me an e-mail at or message me on my Facebook page… or scroll up to the Contact link and shoot me a note there!

Thanks to everyone for tuning in for some green fun! Happy St. Patty’s Day (a bit early)!

Have a Cookie,


Passions and …Other Things

I love to bake and experiment. When people ask me for things, I get excited to go home and produce! Some options I produce are more trial run, but it’s a great leaning experience anyway.

This week I got an order for decorated shaped cookies. I almost said no.

Regardless of my great passion for baking and creating… I am still learning to be detailed in decorative creativity. I have mentioned this before in my posts on my cake journey. I want to get better at it! I am going to be taking a cake decorating class in the near future and hope to be able to do some stretch projects on my own.  But alas…

I almost said no.  I asked my good friend if she would be able to help me decorate and she was just unavailable in the time frame.  So, after discussing with the customer that all she needed was a simple pink frosted cross-shaped cookie for her daughter’s first communion, I decided to take on the task.


My shout-out today will be to Cake It Easy Cakes in Bellevue, PA. I had met the owner, Tamra, in her shop late last year when I discovered her good variety of cookie cutter shapes.  She was so helpful and even stayed open a bit later to work with my schedule, while helping me find what I needed.  Above is the beautiful iridescent pink glitter she pointed me to in order to add some fun to the cookies (and if anyone has a pink glitter baked need in the near future… I can accommodate).


As can be expected, I did a few rounds of cookies and a few rounds of frosting to make sure the end product was great.  Sugar cookie dough is pretty straight forward, but the balance seems to be in the temperature of the dough and making sure it doesn’t spread while baking… changing the originally intended shape. Think sacred cross turned melted snowman. Not great.


Also, the icing can’t be as runny as I used to do for Christmas cookies as a kid… or it would be a quick mess. But it also can’t be so stiff that you can’t spread it on the cookie well. Baking is a science, but baking shaped/decorated cookies is a science of itself.


Overall, I am writing today, post delivery and post communion event and it has been confirmed that these were good for her event needs.

I almost said no… but I’m so glad I did not. Don’t you all run and contact me today about how many dozen cross and bunny shaped cookies you want to pre-order for Easter. But… stay tuned and I’ll see if I can’t work out some really beautiful ones by then and I’ll let you know if they are up for order. As always… thanks for pushing me to grow and helping me have a lot of fun while doing it.

And CONGRATS, little lady, on your first communion!
Stay delicious,