Your donuts are fabulous! My favorite was the cherry one 🍒

Jaylynn Leslie

lemon poppy-seed donuts are 💯

Scotland Huber

Lemon bars! One of our favorites!!

Aurochs Brewing Company

Just so you know, that cookie my mom got for me today was tasty. Also just want to let you know that my 10th birthday is coming up.

Joanna Seaman

These old fashioned donuts are AMAZING! 

Beth Copeland Kendall

I have to say that your baking is amazing!!! Not only do I think so, my dad who never likes “different” things loved it too! He thought my mom made the pumpkin roll! He couldn’t even tell the difference. I can’t wait to try your new holiday treats!

Christie Wood

The maple pecan scone was super yummy. The consistency is great and I like that the pecans are subtle and not giant pieces.

Katie Swab

Thank you Lauren!!! I’m so glad I got some! I already ate a few and they were delicious – until now I don’t think I’ve tried anything gluten free, but now I can say I have! I felt good eating it too. Great work!!

Rianna Shaw

Your doughnuts were SOOO good!

Lori Deem Schmidt

I think the lactation cookies worked!!! They are delicious and I love them!