Ok sooo my mother in law will not get to taste the cookie cause I ate all of it. It was SOOOO yummy!!  You are one fantastic baker😊. I will try anything else if you want to test something out!!

Laura Goossen

Nailed the pumpkin roll! Delicious!  Moist gluten free food… How different. We agree, Best Dessert at Thanksgiving dinner. Yum!

Greg and Melissa Schmitt

I highly suggest the Keto Brownies!!!!!
Do you have any idea how happy I am right now?  My WHOLE BODY is smiling from the inside!!!

Freda Nelson

“I just had one and I think it’s one of my most enjoyable choc chip cookies ever. Don’t change the recipe!!”

Laura Zimmerman

“Jordan loved the cookies!! She doesn’t usually eat too many sweets so they are a super special treat!!! She shared with me and I agree they were delicious!!!”

Carol Agate

“Mike brought back samples of your cookies. They are all yummy but the choc chip cookie is AWESOME.”

Susan Dailey

“WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE COOKIES AND THANK U SO MUCH!!! They never made their way to dad’s house; we dominated them and loved them all!! Chocolate chip was killer.”

Colby Jacobs

“As a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur who is hooked on regular super sweet gooey chocolate chip cookies,  I can attest Baked True North has really come up with a gluten free option that I would rather have than any other chocolate chip cookie.  Great Job, Lauren!”

David Howell

“Shout-out to @lbmarts for sending me my ‘Baked True North’ cookies that are half the size of my face!!! So yummy! 💕🍪”

Graci Maria May

“Received my first order of Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies from Lauren Marts and Baked True North today. Highly recommended them. They are delicious!”

Nancy Schroeder