Wholesale with Us

You ask: How do we get gluten-free goods to sell in our shop?

πŸ’› almost everything we offer can be sold wholesale to other businesses

πŸ’› depending on what your shop’s fridge/freezer options are may limit some options for you

πŸ’› we proudly have worked with bakeries, coffee shops, grocery stores, breweries, gift shops, marketplaces, farms, and cafes

πŸ’› food can be prepackaged (recommended for bakeries and locations with flour in the air) or delivered in paper boxes; you decide how to display

πŸ’› for prepackaged goods, add 5% to the total price of goods

πŸ’› if you would like signage to add to your display explaining the options to customers, just ask

πŸ’› the wholesale minimum is 2 dozen items, in at least 1 dozen increments

πŸ’› delivery charge is $5 within 15 miles of Bellevue, an extra $1 per mile past 15. The $5 base is waived on orders of $75 or more

πŸ’› currently delivery day is Friday. Order cut off is noon on Wednesday. Inquire for exceptions.

πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› want to see our current price list or inquire about something specific?

Contact us at Baked TrueNorth@gmail.com